Transparent Pricing to Meet your Precise Needs

You get a dedicated cluster, with no limits on records or operations.
Based on the size of your data
More vCPUs support higher traffic
Use GPUs for embedding generation
Optimize for large records
Recommended for Production Envs
Like a CDN, but for search
Data center locations
Typesense Server Version
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Minimum Recommended Configuration
We recommend picking the lowest vCPU option available for this RAM, and scaling up from there.
For over 20 requests per second, we recommend a minimum of 4 vCPUs.
If you have spiky traffic, you could save costs using a Burst vCPU option.
For a Production deployment, we recommend turning on High Availability.
If your users are distributed across multiple cities, we recommend turning on Search Delivery Network.
If you have records over 1KB, we recommend turning on High Performance Disk option.
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Switching from Algolia?

We can help. Let's talk!
If You Currently Spend We Offer
Over $1,000/month on Algolia
  • A FREE 30-Minute Consulting call to estimate your costs, answer any questions and help you plan your migration.
Over $2,000/month on Algolia
  • FREE 1-Year Prioritized Business Support & Migration Consulting ($5,200 value) to switch to Typesense
  • Help with benchmarking your dataset to find your ideal right-sized cluster configuration.
Over $3,000/month on Algolia
  • FREE 1-Year Prioritized Enterprise Support & Migration Consulting ($9,100 value)
  • FREE Private Slack Connect Support to help answer quick questions and troubleshoot issues.
  • Help with benchmarking your dataset to find your ideal right-sized cluster configuration.
  • Invitation to our Exclusive Customer Advisory Board, that gives you a chance to shape Typesense's feature roadmap to meet your needs. Limited Rotating Spots Available.
SOC2 report, custom forms & custom contracts are excluded from the free migration support & require purchase of a paid support plan.

After migrating to Typesense Cloud we have been able to save A LOT of money without losing out on any of the performance we got from Algolia. I do not exaggerate when I say that our overhead for search is less than 25% of what it used to be.

Joshua S

We switched from Algolia on and Typesense is now powering all the mega menu categories, autocomplete search and the pattern reviews sections. We're very happy with the end result and we managed to quickly get it all working. Being able to use the existing Instantsearch front end is incredible - I had that working in 15 minutes, the rest was a back end job and done in about 2 weeks.

Richard S
Full Stack Developer
The Fold Line

I switched from Algolia to Typesense because Algolia was charging me $5000 per month and Typesense significantly less. I have a large quantity of records with only a little data each, so paying for the amount of memory I am using instead of the number of records I have is much better for me. Migrating over only took about an hour using your guides. Great product!

Kenny M