Delightfully Simple Search-as-a-Service|

Typesense is a blazing fast, typo-tolerant Open Source search engine for building powerful instant search experiences.

Typesense Cloud is the commercial SaaS version of our open source product.

to spin up a Typesense Cloud cluster

Hourly Pricing
Spin clusters up & down as needed. Benchmark to get the perfect config. Pay only for what you use, by the hour.
Unmetered Reads & Writes
Your cluster is dedicated to you and there are no record/operation based charges or overages.
Search Delivery Network
Like a CDN, but for search. Instantly deploy nodes across geos to provide consistent response times for your users.

Configure to your precise needs

  • Upto 768 GB RAM to accommodate datasets of all sizes
  • Upto 96 vCPUs per node to accommodate the highest of traffic needs
  • NVMe SSDs for large records stored on disk
  • Multi-node High Availability at the flip of a switch

Deploy a Search Delivery Network in minutes

It’s like a CDN, but for search. Search traffic is routed to the node closest to where the request originates from. Your users will thank you for a blazing fast search experience.

Choose from 13 Data Center Locations from around the world:
  • N California
  • Oregon
  • N Virginia
  • Ohio
  • Canada
  • Sao Paulo
  • Ireland
  • Frankfurt
  • Cape Town
  • Bahrain
  • Mumbai
  • Singapore
  • Sydney

Have the Experts host Search for you

As authors of Typesense Open Source, we know the INs, OUTs and Everything-In-Betweens of our software. Let us take care of running and supporting a search server for you.

  • Architected with security & reliability as foundational principles
  • TLSv1.3 to secure data in transit
  • Full Disk Encryption for data at rest

Deploy a Typesense Cloud cluster in less than 6 minutes.

Did we mention we have a generous free tier? You don’t even need a credit card!

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