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Typesense Cloud is the hosted SaaS version of our Open Source product.


Serving 1.5 Billion+ Searches every Month

For Thousands of companies across every continent, except Antartica. You'll be in great company.
of Production-Grade clusters
1.5 Billion+
Searches per Month
Data Centers Around The World

Explore, Visualize and Tailor your Search Experience

Hourly Pricing
Spin clusters up & down as needed. Benchmark to get the perfect config. Pay only for what you use, by the hour.
NO Per-Search or Per-Record Charges
Your cluster is dedicated to you and there are no record/operation based charges or overages. Add records or search as much as your cluster can handle.
Search Delivery Network
Like a CDN, but for Search. Deploy nodes around the world, closest to your users, to provide them an ultra-fast search experience.

Configure to your precise needs

  • Upto 1TB RAM to accommodate datasets of all sizes
  • Upto 960 vCPUs to accommodate the highest of traffic needs
  • Optional Capacity Auto Scaling, as you send more data/traffic
  • NVMe SSDs for fast IOPS for large documents
  • Multi-node High Availability at the flip of a switch
  • GPU Acceleration for efficient embedding generationnew

Search Delivery Network in minutes

It’s like a CDN, but for Search.

Your search indices are distributed across multiple geographic regions and search traffic is routed to the node closest to where the request originates from. Your users will thank you for a blazing fast search experience.

Choose from 26 Regions from around the world:
  • N California
  • Oregon
  • N Virginia
  • Ohio
  • Canada
  • Sao Paulo
  • Ireland
  • London
  • Paris
  • Zurich
  • Frankfurt
  • Stockholm
  • Milan
  • Spain
  • Cape Town
  • Bahrain
  • UAE
  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Singapore
  • Jakarta
  • Seoul
  • Osaka
  • Tokyo
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney

Have the Experts host Search for you

As authors of Typesense Open Source, we know the INs, OUTs and Everything-In-Betweens of our software. Let us take care of running and supporting a search cluster for you.

  • Architected with security & reliability as foundational principles
  • Every cluster you provision is isolated & dedicated to you
  • Full Disk Encryption for data at rest
  • Single Sign-On via Okta, Azure AD, etc
  • SOC 2 (Type 2) compliant and certified

Run Typesense Locally or in CI

Hate relying on a hosted service when developing? You can download Typesense and run it on your developer machine or in your continuous integration environment.

We run the same open source version of Typesense for you in Typesense Cloud.

Deploy a Typesense Cloud cluster in just a few minutes.

Did we mention we give you free credits? You don’t even need a credit card!

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